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Seattle Pen Club


Local Shops & Sort of Local Shops

Below is a listing of shops around the Seattle and PNW area that focus on fountain pen sales and repairs as well as stationery and other slow-writing and snail-mail items.

It also never hurts to check the big box stores like Michaels, Staples and Office Depot/OfficeMax and others, which sometimes have a selection of inexpensive Cross, Manuscript, Parker, Pelikano, Pilot, Waterman, Zebra and other fountain pens in stock in their brick and mortar locations.

Kinokuniya Seattle
Seattle, WA

Little Otsu
Portland, OR

Portland, OR

Oblation Papers
Portland, OR

Paper Hammer
Seattle, WA

Brick & Mortar
Redmond, WA
Paper Source
Bellevue, WA; Seattle, WA; Portland, OR

Poulsbo, WA

Silberman Brown
Seattle, WA

University of Washington Bookstore
Seattle, WA

Vancouver Pen Shop
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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